Supply Chain Management and Contract Manufacturing

JIT Manufacturing and KANBAN concepts have been around for decades. Their basic premise is to allow for rapid response to customer demand while reducing inventory carrying costs. InSight Manufacturing Services leverages our OEM and direct relationships with over 250 industry-leading manufacturers and distributors of materials and components to guarantee a 3-month supply of parts for rapid delivery and reduced costs to our customers. We continually work with our customer’s planners and buyers to develop real, up-to-date MRP models.

Prototype and Engineering Support

Establishing a solid rapport with our customer’s engineering department is a hallmark of the level of service we provide. We continually work with our customers to improve designs and reduce costs. Through vetting initial designs and engaging in open discussions with engineering teams on new product designs, we help customers avoid costly multiple prototype iterations. Leveraging our extensive supplier base, we can find and recommend solutions to address customer specific design goals.

CNC Milling

InSight Manufacturing Services provides precision machining of a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and alloys. The majority of production work is machined to feature tolerances and true positions of +/- .1mm (.004”) or less. Our precision machining area is climate controlled to 70°F to match our inspection area.

  • 2 Horizontal Pallett Changing CNC Milling Centers
  • 17 Vertical CNC Milling Centers
  • Largest Travel: X=64”, Y=34”, Z=30”
  • 4th Axis Capability


  • 1 EA Hurco VMX 64 (fitted with Kitagawa MR320 4th Axis)
  • 2 EA HAAS EC-400 HMC with Pallet Changer
  • 6 EA Hurco VMX 42 (1 EA fitted with Kitagawa MR320 4th Axis)
  • 1 EA Fadal 906-1 (fitted with HAAS HRT310 4th Axis)
  • 2 EA Hurco VM1
  • 1 EA Hurco BMC 30
  • 3 EA Hurco BMC 20

CNC Turning

As with our machining capabilities, we precision turn a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and alloys. The majority of production work is turned to feature tolerances and true positions of +/- .1mm (.004”) or less. Our precision turning area is also climate controlled to 70°F to match our inspection area.

  • 4 CNC Turning Centers
  • Max diameter: 17”


  • Nakamura-Tome Precision Methods Slant 3
  • Kia, SuperKiaTurn 25
  • Kia SKT21
  • Hyundai HiT 18 S

Manifold and Plumbing Systems

InSight Manufacturing Services builds custom-designed and purpose-built manifold systems for use in heat exchange systems or any environment requiring precise, leak free, manifolds and plumbing components for fluid movement. We have extensive experience utilizing copper, brass, stainless steel, and PVC to fabricate custom solutions for our customers.

All manifolds are leak checked using our hydro-static test bench at 80 PSI or greater.


InSight Manufacturing provides TIG, MIG, ARC, soft solder and brazing of steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, and brass alloys.  We have a full contingent of support equipment for fabrication needs. All welders are certified, and all welding equipment is on a 6-month maintenance program. Regular deconstructive testing is performed on production welds with the use of sulfuric acid and dye penetrant testing if required.

Assembly and Kitting

Mechanical Assembly: Tight tolerance assembly of multiple components of any size. We use calibrated and certified torque wrenches and other hand tools to achieve required fastening specs.  1000 lbs assemblies of up to 8ft in length can be assembled at either of our facilities and checked for flatness and straightness.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly: Circuit board cabinets, fan housings, motors, actuators, RTD, pressure transducers, fiber optic, and other systems requiring both electrical and mechanical assembly are done using static control work benches. We have capabilities to build custom wire harnesses and tin or solder wire ends and circuit boards. Test bench capabilities include resistance testing or any customer-specific verification and testing procedure.

Hydro-Mechanical Assembly: Utilizing our capabilities to fabricate custom manifold and plumbing systems, we are able to build and test complete custom heat exchange and flow control systems. Our test bench procedures ensure all systems are leak free and all components are functioning as required. Closed-loop flow control and filtering stand uses DI water to ensure systems are contaminate free and functioning under expected operating conditions.

Kitting: We ensure 100% accuracy on piece counts for all items required in customer-specific kits. Utilizing our supply chain management expertise we can draw from a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers of components to include in any kit. All kit items are clearly labeled and incoming inspection ensures all items are correct composition, class, and conform to regulatory and trade requirements.


RMS finishing through abrasive blasting utilizing glass beads, steel grit, and aluminum oxide aggregates.

12’ X 12’ paint booth is used to coat any surface with most commercially available paints as well as specialty aerospace coatings.

12’ X 12’ dust-free silk screening room with 4 station screen printer is used to apply epoxy ink lettering and graphics to most surfaces. We also have a 20 cu ft oven to bake off according to manufacturer guidelines.

Packaging and Shipping

InSight Manufacturing Services provides daily freight and courier deliveries from each location. All materials are packaged utilizing closed cell foam packaging systems, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials as appropriate.  We maintain an IPPC certification for international wood container shipments and work with customers to design custom packaging and container systems for one way or reusable containers.


We use the following software systems:

  • Hucro WinMax v07.01.10.08 ST
  • Hurco UltiMax v2.36.04e / 2.04e.06i
  • GibbsCAM 2007 v8.7.12
  • Surf CAM 2004
  • AutoCAD 2008
  • Epicor v10